To provide social and material assistance to refugees and Tajikistan’s most vulnerable citizens
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This organization provides social protection, medical care, education, vocational training, self-reliance and livelihoods programs for refugees and some of Tajikistan’s most vulnerable citizens. Our livelihood and vocational training programs seek to help beneficiaries in rising out of poverty by providing them with the skills, knowledge and equipment they need to develop sustainable sources of income. To compliment this work we also provide small grants to individuals wishing to set up their own businesses.
The main aim of RCVC are to protect human rights of refugees, to improve the living conditions of refugees in Tajikistan and promote the local integration through empowerment and building of self reliance. RCVC in collaboration with UNHCR provides care and assistance to such individuals in the form of free medical consultations, access to legal advice, assistance with registration issues and programs which are aimed at increasing access to education.