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Information session «Women in professions — Our boundless Possibilities»

The NGO » Refugees, Children and Vulnerable Citizens» within the framework of its projects “DAFI” and “HOPE” supported by Women`s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) in partnership with UN Women — on November 28, 2023, held an information session «Women in Professions – Our Boundless Opportunities», dedicated to  the International campaign of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. The event was aimed at inspiring and raising the awareness of girls and young women about the diversity of professional opportunities. The session provided participants with a four–hour program, including presentations by Fatima Muhammadi – IT specialist, Suman Abdumanofova – renown photographer, Malalai Sadat – gymnast and Nafisa Imranova – famous fashion designer, as well as discussions, master classes, and video screenings.

The event was attended by 31 people (6 men and 25 women), including speakers from various fields: IT, photography, sports and fashion design.

The invited speakers shared their unique success stories, as well as videos about women who have successfully build career in various fields. The questions and discussion energized the participants, allowing them to share ideas and viewpoints. The participants had the opportunity to listen to professional women from different fields, discussed the issues of career choice and overcoming difficulties on their path to success. The moderator and the participants interacted through the Q&A session, creating a dynamic and interactive environment.

Simultaneously, master classes were held where participants developed professional skills in the fields of IT, photography, sports and fashion design. This provided a unique opportunity to choose the area that best suits their interests and needs.

The final section summarized the results, highlighted the key points of the session and further recommendations on breaking gender-based stereotypes in choosing profession. An inspiring story from a professional woman provided participants with a greater sense of motivation, and the closing remarks completed the event on a positive note. Information session «Women in professions: Our boundless Possibilities» proved to be successful and received positive feedback from participants. The event not only inspired and delighted girls and young women, but also created a valuable platform for the exchange of experience and interaction between professionals and future leaders. We hope to continue such events in the future.