To provide social and material assistance to refugees and Tajikistan’s most vulnerable citizens
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The project «HOPE»

In 2022 the RCVC was selected to implement the project “HOPE” — Harnessing Opportunity for Peaceful Existence: Promoting Economic and Social Integration of Afghan Refugees in Tajikistan supported by Women`s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) in partnership with UN Women to promote socio-economic recovery, participation and leadership of Afghan women and young women in forced displacement in Tajikistan. With the support of the WPHF, UN Women and Project “HOPE” 1000 refugee women and girls are provided with opportunities to participate in various activities such as trainings on business start-ups and business expansion, trainings on rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Tajikistan, developing business plans and provision of vocational training courses, as well as apprenticeship with subsequent employment. The project also includes roundtables, market labor studies, awareness-raising campaigns on gender-based violence and information sessions aimed at prevention and elimination of GBV against vulnerable beneficiary groups.  

The project approach is to enhance sustainable economic opportunities and protection, through the promotion of social integration and peaceful coexistence of vulnerable refugees especially women and girls. These components are designed to synergize and reinforce each other. The project is in line with Sustainable Development Goals and is being implemented in the spirit of Leave No One Behind principle, which also supports the SDG’s overarching strategy in Tajikistan by combining economic growth with peace and stability.

             The goal of the project

The project is aimed at fostering economic and social resilience of Afghan refugees, especially women and girls.


The project comprises of two interconnected objectives:

  1. Target beneficiaries develop strong market and financial linkages for increased economic gains.
  2. Creation of socially integrated community mechanisms

mitigating violence especially gender-based violence, strengthening leadership and negotiation skills, management of conflicts and social tensions.